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Anti-Blackness harms everyone.

My children came into this world embodying truth, love, wisdom and compassion. It would be child abuse for me to teach them to define the darkness of their skin as a weapon, a tool of demonic forces and a symbol of doom. I refused to teach them the anti-black, negative Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions for darkness and blackness. Instead, I asked them to look at all colors as blessings imbued with endless possibilities - defying singular and static definitions. They grew up knowing the sacredness of black soil, the protection of the moonless night sky, and the genius of dark matter. They are now adults living with the daily structurally imposed damaging effects of institutionalized Anti-Blackness, nonetheless. They hold value in all human life and also understand that the killing definitions that blackness and darkness are unnaturally and brutally assigned - create real-life prejudice-driven danger for them. If we were to teach white children to define whiteness as the sign of evil - I would also be launching a petition to remove those connotations, as well. I dare say that to teach white-identified children that whiteness is goodly and unimpeachable is abusive to them, too. That will be part two of this petition in 2022. I thank the 23,958 people who have decided that the deadly prejudging of black and dark-skinned beings using outmoded racist/colorist dictionary definitions must stop.

Please continue to share - you are shift humans onto an evolved path of compassion and equity. Stay Well - Kin Folkz

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