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stop teaching children to

define blackness + darkness
as evils to hate + fear

Our language is riddled with anti-black/dark and pro-white/light definitions that seed and reseed the deadly construction of colorism and racism. Dictionaries perpetuate this violence under the self-serving guise of "objective" observers. In point of fact, Merriam-Webster and other dictionaries use archaic definitions borne from ignorance, hate, and fear-based anti-black ideologies that refuel structural racism, benefit a white societal majority, and maintain the institutionalized anti-black stranglehold on the marginalized who are made to wait until the majority chooses to release us by ceasing their anti-black abuse.

To uphold and perpetuate anti-black definitions (and their biases) is also to uplift them.

I launched to create a space for evolved definitions of blackness to be recognized and seen. It is a space for mindful beings around the globe to share valuable information re: the progressive thought leaders (individuals, communities, organizations, and corporations) that are removing the cruel bias that teaches us to demonize blackness. The site will also include videos, research, and articles that celebrate the ways that this shift is improving lives - as well as maintaining a list of ways that we can continue the practice of evolved thoughts, words, and actions.

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